2016 Red Power Round Up

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The 27th Annual Red Power Round Up is remarkable in many ways. It’s the 27th annual celebration for people from all around the world to gather to see the history of International Harvester and agriculture related memorabilia.

With this national show coming to Wisconsin, it lets us show what Wisconsin  has to offer. It also allows the agriculture businesses in Wisconsin to promote their businesses on a national scale.

The 2016 Red Power Round Up has great sponsorship opportunities that provide an excellent option for businesses wanting to expose their business to thousands of rural people.

Event sponsors will benefit from being part of an extensive advertising campaign. 

The show has grown a lot since its last stop in Wisconsin.

The show alternates between eastern and western United States. SD is as far west as it’s ever been.  Wisconsin Chapter 4 and event organizers feel that an extremely exciting show can be put on. We are predicting a crowd of 22,000+ attendees.